Our notar has long-standing experience and expertise in all fields of law and legal transactions that require the counsel of or recording by a notary public (Notar), who usually is also a qualified attorney. In Germany only public notaries are allowed by law to transact, for instance, real estate and companies purchase and sale agreements. Also, many corporate agreements and documents require being recorded by a notary public. Even though attorneys are also allowed and qualified to give legal advice in those matters and to prepare the necessary documents, these can only be recorded and registered by a Notar.

The main focus of our notarial work is

  • Formation of Companies
  • Purchase and Sale of Companies
  • Measures relating to Capitalization
  • Changes in Articles of Associations
  • General Meetings and Shareholder Meetings
  • Company Restructuring and Reorganization
  • M&A Contracts
  • Real Estate Purchase and Sale Contracts
  • Foundations, Endowments
  • Wills, Inheritance Contracts
  • Marital Contracts

In the case of an international participation or the involvement of foreign citizens, the recording may be conducted in different languages.